WordPress Conversion

You’ve decided to make the move to WordPress for your small business website, but you’re not sure how to get there. ionadas local can help!

We’ve helped many small businesses convert their websites to the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) over the years. There are several approaches that can be taken:

Convert Current Site’s Look and Feel to WordPress
If you like the way your current site looks but want to have the power and ease of use of WordPress, a custom WordPress theme can be created so your new website will feel familiar.

Purchase and Customize an Existing Theme
By working with a commercially available WordPress theme, you save time and money. By customizing it, you can get the unique look you want. Many themes are available for free, but we’ve found that you get a lot more by spending a bit of money (usually less than $50). We really like ThemeForest for commercial themes.

Build a Theme from Scratch
We either work with a graphics designer you provide or one we’ve worked with before, and build a WordPress theme to your specification.

Convert a Photoshop Mockup
If you already have a website design developed (usually in Photoshop .psd files), we can have this converted into a WordPress theme.

All of our WordPress Conversions include the installation and configuration of WordPress. We can recommend a website hosting service, or use one you like.

We generally build the pages for the site, but there have been cases where the client wanted to do this, as part of the learning process. Most projects include training, either online or in person (in the greater Austin area).

CEO Brian Combs has been managing WordPress sites since 2004 and created his first business website in 1993. Yes, 1993. There isn’t much on the web he hasn’t already seen done.

We’d love to help your WordPress website be a great success. For a free consultation on how we might be able to assist, contact us today!