Local Business Listing (LBL) Submission

If you want the search engines to take note of your local business, you need to start with an optimized local business listing (LBL) with their online business centers. These are the segments of their search engines that recognize you as a local business. ionadas loal creates LBL accounts for you and places them with Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Local Listing Center. We then verify that your submission has gone through and been accepted. Congratulations — you’re on your way!

But we don’t stop there. ionadas local runs evaluations on up to ten of your prospective keywords to determine what SEO works for you and what doesn’t. We’ll also give you specific recommendations on how you can gather legitimate reviews of your products or services to increase the online buzz about your business.

Once your LBL is up and running, ionadas local will keep it healthy for you with regular three-month checkups (at three months, six months and one year) to see if anything needs adjustment going forward.

You can have your very own LBL up and running in approximately one month’s time for a one-time fee of $995. Pricing for multiple LBLS is available too. So don’t wait — today, and let’s put your business on the map.

Time Frame: Approx. One Month
Output: Local Business Listings for one location with their associated logins, regular check-ups of the health of the LBLs (at three months, six months and one year), and instruction on how to manage them going forward.
Investment: $995.00 (one time)