Hourly SEO Consulting Pricing

The whole purpose of offering hourly SEO consulting is to give you a simple, cost-effective way to obtain high-quality SEO advice, evaluation, training and remediation on a schedule that works for you. The benefits of this service include:

Built-in Cost Control – We currently offer this consulting as a 5-hour package for a flat rate of $750. Need more consulting? Buy another package at your convenience. We think you’ll find it a much smarter investment than hiring a full-time SEO guru for what might turn out to be doable in just a few hours’ time.

Sensible Time Tracking – We have no intention of nickel-and-dime’ing you when it comes to tracking your 5 hours. We track consulting time in 6-minute increments, 10 per hour. If we get an email that takes only two minutes to answer, we’re happy to take care of of a couple of those before actually recording any elapsed time.

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