Question: Are these one-time services, or on-going services?
Answer: All are packaged as one-time services, but the Local Business Listing Submission includes a number of follow-ups to ensure that the local business listings remain online. If needed, on-going engagements are available. Please contact us for information and pricing.

Question: Do I need to purchase all three services?
Answer: That depends upon the competitiveness of your particular industry and geography. At the very least, you need to have your Local Business Listing submitted to the major search engines. Contact us and we’re happy to assess your particular situation.

Question: Does purchasing all three services guarantee that I’m on the first page of the local search results?
Answer: No, but it’s a good bet you won’t get there without them. Some markets are extremely competitive and will require additional SEO efforts. Our services include information on how to continue your optimization efforts, and we are able to provide you further assistance for an additional fee. Please contact us for an assessment of your particular situation.

Question: My company doesn’t have a website. Can we succeed with local SEO?
Answer: Absolutely! As long as your company has a phone number and address in a city or town, it can be added to the local search results. Please be aware that the content of a website certainly is one of the factors the search engines consider, so you may put your company at a competitive disadvantage by not having a website.

Question: Why should I need to submit to the search engines? Won’t they add my company’s info on their own?
Answer: They might, but it could take a few months or even years. And even if/when they do add your company, they are unlikely to do so in a manner optimized for your most important keywords.

Question: How long will it take to see results?
Answer: While results are sometimes seen very quickly, many times it takes some time for the search engines to sort things out. Usually, the results of the Local SEO efforts will be seen within one month of the completion of services, although sometimes it takes as long as two months.

Question: Who owns the local business listing?
Answer: At all times, the local business listing for your company is your property. We do not believe in black boxing such things.

Question: What if I need on-page recommendations on more pages or an e-commerce site?
Answer: We can customize our on-page recommendations to your needs. Please contact us for information and pricing.

Question: Will the on-page recommendations help me with organic SEO?
Answer: To a certain degree, yes, although they are specifically designed to work with the local search engines.

Question: Can you implement your on-page recommendations on our site?
Answer: Depending upon how your site is built, we may be able to do this for an additional fee. No matter how your site is built, we can certainly recommend someone who can help you.

Question: Why is there a variance in the number of directories I’ll be submitted to?
Answer: This is a case where more is generally better. Some directories have restrictions on what sort of companies they’ll accept, however. We also like to submit to some directories that focus on your geography, if your area has such directories.

In addition, some of the systems can take months to bring your free listings live. We submit to enough sites so that the guaranteed number of citations are brought live in just a few weeks.

Question: Do you offer more traditional link building campaigns?
Answer: Yes, we have expertise in a number of link building techniques. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Question: My website doesn’t even come up in searches for my company name. Will Local SEO fix this?
Answer: Most likely, depending upon the uniqueness of your company name. If it’s truly unique, the Local Business Listing alone may fix this. The combination of the three local SEO services will fix it for all but the very generic company names.

Question: Other then the cost, what am I investing in the process?
Answer: Generally, the more involved you are with this, the better. At the very least, we need you to completely fill out the Client Information Sheet you’re given upon engaging with ionadas search. In addition, we will need your feedback on our assessment of your keywords. Lastly, some of the search engines and databases require you to receive a PIN via postcard to prove you are at your stated address. We need this PIN so that we can complete the submission process. If this PIN is lost or there is a delay in giving it to ionadas local, that may delay the completion of the project. Lastly, If you have purchased on-page recommendations, you are responsible for the implementation of our recommendations on your website, unless a separate agreement has been made with ionadas local.

Question: May I pay for your services with a credit card?

Answer: Yes, we accept PayPal for all services. You can connect your company’s credit card to your PayPal account and use that for payment.