Citation Building

Do you want to appear in more local business directory listings online? Of course you do — but even if you didn’t care about it, Google does. The three major search engines include your citations on local directories as a factor in your search engine rankings. But how do you get cited by these directories to boost your local SEO power?

ionadas local knows how — and we’re ready to show you. Our Citation Building program will deliver a minimum of 15 optimized listings on local business directories and websites, sending a loud and clear signal to the search engines that you’re a major player in your community, the kind of business they’ll want to rank highly in search results.

Want even more? You got it. ionadas local includes evaluation of up to ten prospective keywords to help you see which ones deliver the best optimization bang for the buck. We’ll even give you advice on how to gain additional citations so you can keep growing your online presence.

The Citation Building program takes approximately one month for the initial submissions, with individual citations sometimes taking longer to appear online. Citations for a single site cost a one-time fee of $995, and citations for additional sites are available for an additional fee. Contact us today, and get cited so the search can get excited about your local business.

Time Frame: Approx. One Month for Initial Submission. It may take longer for all citations to go online.
Output: At least fifteen citations and a listing of all citations received. May include iterative reporting, depending upon how long it takes the citations to come online.
Investment: $995.00 (one time)