Traditional SEO

While local SEO can do wonders to boost a company’s appearance in search results, traditional search engine optimization remains a fundamental part of a sound, vital web presence. Traditional SEO provides the foundation for a steady stream of relevant search results, either from a specific geographic location or from any other target demographic you want to grab.

Like so much else in business, however, SEO only works when properly implemented. There’s good SEO and bad SEO. Weak or uncompetitive keywords will do nothing, while inappropriate or unethical use of keywords – regardless of whether you meant to transgress — can actually put you on Google “banned” list. And that’s a mistake you can’t afford to make.

ionadas will put your SEO on the right road from the beginning. We can consult with you about your target market, research the most effective keywords for your needs, and help build a website with the right optimization tags built right into the program code.

Don’t know what you need? Ask us. We offer a free marketing assessment to get you started. Contact us today and let’s get you into the fast lane of the Information Superhighway.