Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

You’ve probably heard lots of buzz about local SEO (search engine optimization), Google Maps, Google Place Pages, geo-targeting and so on. But what does all the lingo mean — and how can it make a difference to your bottom line?

Google Places

Google Place Pages

Google now offers a powerful system called Google Place Pages. You know the little map that pops up when you’re searching for a business in your own town? That’s Google Place Pages. When your website is optimized to include geographic keywords (“Flower shop in Austin,” et cetera), it shows up as a search result next to a map illustration pinpointing your location. This is not only incredibly helpful for your potential customers, it’s incredibly helpful for putting your company “on the map” — literally — and getting you in front of the people in your own neighborhood who need your products or services.

Put Yourself “Above the Fold”

Google Place Pages currently offers another huge benefit to smaller businesses by positioning them “above the fold” on the search results page. What does that mean? Go search Google for a business in a specific location and look at the first page of the search results. You’ll usually see the Google Place Pages listings up toward the top half of the page, followed by — everyone else. Did you have to scroll down to see the rest of the list? That’s the “fold.” You don’t want to make people scroll for your business — you want to be right up there on top, above the fold.

Beat the Big Guys on Google

Local SEO can put your local small business above any number of web-based mega-companies on the search results page. Why? Because you’re optimized for Google Place Pages, and they aren’t. They don’t have a physical storefront in your area, and you do. That’s the power of Local SEO!

How Does It Work?

Business can use any of three strategies to put local SEO to work for them. ionadas local, your local SEO expert, offers packages and programs for all three. Check it out….