How It Works

Our SEO hourly consulting package isn’t like a retainer where you’d be obligated to keep buying the service month after month, whether you needed it or not. This product is a straightforward five hours of SEO consulting, which you can put to all kinds of uses. (There are some services we offer that you’d be better off buying in a different form, and we’ll be happy to point those options out to you when you inquire about hourly consulting.) Some of the basic categories that lend themselves naturally to consultation include:

Local SEO – Google Places can be picky about how and where you categorize yourself. For instance, if you try to post multiple addresses as separate entries, Google will most likely consolidate them while penalizing your company in the bargain. Here at ionadas Local we know local SEO — what works, what doesn’t, and how your company can get the most out of it.

Organic SEO – As important as local SEO has become over the years, organic SEO — the way you’ve optimized the written content on your company site — still matters too. In fact, local SEO and organic SEO overlap and complement each other to no small degree, so if you can use both correctly you’re ahead of the game. We can show you how to implement organic SEO more effectively so Google ranks you higher in search results.

Ethical and Trust-based Issues – Google has added a “trust algorithm” to its other methods for aggregating and evaluation of your worthiness as a high-ranking website. To gain Google’s trust, you must know how to structure your site correctly and place location information and other keywords in a manner the search engine considers honest and ethical. We can help you build that SEO-based trustworthiness to help you get the results you so richly deserve.

Whatever your current SEO needs may be, our hourly consulting package may be the ideal solution. Contact us if you’d like to discuss the details.