WordPress Administration Services

At ionadas local, we love WordPress because of the empowerment it brings to a website owner. No longer do you have to contact a web developer for every little change you need to make on your own site. You can make most of the changes yourself.

But occasionally, it’s good to have technical help. Whether it’s finding and configuring a WordPress plugin to bring a certain functionality to the site, building a new menu structure, installing a shiny new WordPress theme, or even optimizing your WordPress pages and posts for Google, we can help.

In addition, if you don’t keep your WordPress install up to date, you become more vulnerable to hackers, a lesson Robert Scoble learned the hard way.

Our WordPress Admin service ensures that your WordPress install and all plugins are kept up to date, and provides consulting time that can be used however you like.

We offer three WordPress administration service tiers:

Basic WordPress Admin
WordPress and all plug-ins are updated monthly. Up to one hour consulting per month.

Standard WordPress Admin
WordPress and all plug-ins are updated twice monthly. Up to two hours consulting per month.

Advanced WordPress Admin
WordPress and all plug-ins are updated weekly. Up to four hours consulting per month.

CEO Brian Combs has been managing WordPress sites since 2004 and created his first business website in 1993. Yes, 1993. There isn’t much on the web he hasn’t already seen done.

We’d love to help your WordPress website be a great success. For a free consultation on how we might be able to help you, contact us today!