Workshop: Twitter for Beginners, February 11th, 6pm-8pm

Twitter can be overwhelming. You’ve read that it’s the current “big thing”, and you’ve heard stories about the impact it can have for small businesses. But after following a few hundred people, you’re even more confused.

A constant stream of information is flowing across your screen. Some of it looks useful. Most of it looks like something you’d overhear at a restaurant.

And none of it seems like it would help your business.

I’m not one who believes that Twitter is the right tool for every business. But in the right situation, with the correct plan, and with solid execution, it can be a powerful method of communicating with current and prospective customers.

The Outsource Resource is hosting a workshop on Twitter for Beginners on February 11th. The workshop will be hands on, focusing on how to leverage Twitter to have a material impact on your business.

The instructor, Chris Anderson, is an avid user of Twitter for business purposes. He’s very experienced in explaining digital media to small business owners, and in educating them in its proper usage. He’s also a witty speaker, so the workshop is bound to be both entertaining and useful.

The seating in this workshop is very limited, so it’s sure to sell out. Signup soon!