Screen Captures of Google Places Tags

Google has added a “tagging” system to its Google Places system. These tags let a business highlight aspects of your listing, so that they stand out from the others. This advertising program is available in Austin, Atlanta, Houston, San Jose, and Washington for a flat fee of $25/month.

Being in Austin, Texas, an offer for this advertising program popped up in ionadas local’s Google Maps management system this morning.

“Learn More” takes you to Google Help pages. If you “Preview and select a tag, the following dialog box is shown:

You have the option of highlighting coupons, photos, videos or your website. If one of these is not available in your Google Places, it won’t be offered for tagging.

Here is what the ad looks like, in the 7-pack, the 3-pack, and the 1-box, respectively.

It’s too early to tell if this will result in an uptick in traffic, but watch here for updates. In the meantime, here’s the dashboard the advertisement adds to your management system, although it does not have any data yet.