Coupon for PubCon Vegas 2014

The approach of September means several things…

First: College football. I’m anxious to find out what my beloved Longhorns look like this year.

Second: Cooler temperaturs. Well, in Austin, less brutally hot temperatures, at least.

Third: PubCon Vegas (Baby) is drawing near!

Without question, PubCon is the best online marketing conference. The focus is on solving real world problems, not ponderous naval gazing.

And PubCon Vegas is the jewel in the PubCon yearly schedule. Some of the best internet marketers from across the globe descend into the world of neon to share their valuable info. I know; I’ll be there like I always am.

It’s already one of the best values in the conference world, but I can make it even better with a 20% coupon. Just use this code when you registering:


The code expires on September 30, 2014, and a price increase is expected on September 1st.

My sources tell me to expect a major sponsorship announcement for PubCon next week, and a keynote announcement tomorrow. I even hear that they’ve expanded the expo hall twice to accommodate the demand by exhibitors.

Go sign up! Now, before the price goes up!