Ionadas is no longer in business.  It was shut down in October 2023.

Bring Home the Business with ionadas local

Every year companies spend millions of dollars marketing to people who have no use for their products or services. Don’t be one of them.

If your target audience lives and works in one particular city or region, why build a web marketing campaign that’s trying to capture the entire world? Put your marketing budget to its best possible use. Save money by focusing on the people who want to buy from you. At ionadas local, we can help you make that connection.

Go local. Go ionadas.

ionadas local search engine optimization (SEO) services that help local businesses market to a precise geographic area.

Our flagship product, Google Maps optimization, literally puts these businesses “on the map” in search results, and we have a range of other services to help you build a web presence that draws local traffic to your virtual doorstep.